Helps heal wounds


Helps cure insomnia

PsyMed© presents Alpha-Stim©

 An excellent nonpharmacological choice for managing pain and insomnia



Aches and pains can come from many sources and in various degrees. You need fast-acting, long-lasting relief so you can enjoy the activities you like again.



Staying up all night can leave you tired, irritable, and unproductive during the day. You need a quick solution for a more restful sleep.

PsyMed© presents  Alpha-Stim©

 An excellent nonpharmacological choice for managing pain and insomnia

Founded in 2013, PsyMed © is committed to providing cutting-edge medical devices to be used as an alternative to traditional medications. Since drugs aren’t always effective and may cause side effects and sometimes addiction, PsyMed© is proud to offer modern, simple, and effective alternatives that deliver results more quickly and in complete safety.


Alpha-Stim® technology


A low-intensity electrical current is induced into the brain to stimulate and increase the secretion of substances such as serotonin, acetylcholine, and the endorphins responsible for sleep, pain, etc.

Alpha-Stim® devices can be used with the aid of a healthcare professional or in the comfort of your own home.

Alpha-Stim® M and Alpha-Stim® AID are medical devices used by medical professionals and in many military medical centres around the world as an effective alternative to traditional medicine. Alpha-Stim® M also treats chronic muscle pain.

Alpha-Stim® AID

Relieves the symptoms of anxiety and insomnia quickly, safely, and without having to rely on medication.


Alpha-Stim® M

Get quick, lasting relief from acute, chronic, and post-traumatic aches and pains while treating other conditions associated with pain.